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I feel like I’m always taken for granted

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 I do all the washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, taxi services and management in our house and I’m sick to death of it.

My husband works long hours and I only work part-time so it seems unfair to expect him to do much — but he doesn’t do anything.

As for our two teenage sons, they just take me for granted.

I’ve had enough and I’m getting grumpy and bad-tempered about it, but they don’t seem to realise why. HK


Nor will they understand unless you tell them.

Teenage boys should be doing their fair share around the home and there’s no reason why your husband can’t set an example.

You will be doing them a favour in the long term, as your sons’ future partners will be much happier with a man that does his share.

It’s time for a family conference.

Make a list of all your chores and start sharing them out.

There is a downside to this — they won’t necessarily be done as well as you’d do them yourself, but that’s something you’ll have to live with.

I would suggest it might be worth talking to your husband in private first, though, to ensure that you get him on your side.

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