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I feel so isolated after we moved for his career

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My husband and I moved house for his work, away from all my friends and family, and now I don’t know anyone.

With two children, both under five, it is hard to get out and meet people, so I end up relying on my husband for company.

Sometimes I feel so lonely, I wish we could just move back home, even if he didn’t have a job to go to.

I am half hoping it will get better when our eldest starts school, but that seems like such a long wait (a year) and I really don’t know if it will make a difference.

Can you suggest anything that would make things more bearable? SA


Every friend you have ever had was once a stranger so though it's hard to start again when you have grown up within a close circle, it can be done.

For a start, with two young children, have you looked for playgroups you could go along to?

They provide an opportunity for your children to interact with others but also provide a chance for you to get to know other mums.

Ask around local centres or churches as these often have groups attached.

But you don't have to rely on your children to help you reach out to other people.

Arrange things with your husband so he babysits one night a week and you go out and join an evening class, a drama group, a reading group, or a gym class.

You need to do something where you have the chance to interact with other people and then get chatting.

I'm sure you will soon find ways of turning all those strangers into new friends, which is good for you, your husband and your children

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