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I hate my body after giving birth

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Since our baby was born eight months ago, I’ve found that I get really cross with my husband about nude women.

Whenever I see naked or partially clothed, good-looking women in newspapers or on the television I get really upset.

My body is not like it used to be following pregnancy and labour, and I hate the stretch marks they’ve left behind.

I love my daughter and husband, but I hate what having a baby has done to my body. My husband has tried to reassure me but I still get so angry. SP


However bad your stretch marks are, they will fade in time but you seem to be convinced you can't be as attractive as you were before. Yes, your body has changed — for some women this is something to be proud of as it's a sign that you're a mother.

I don't know what your husband is saying to try to make you feel better about yourself, but you clearly aren't listening.

You are seeing naked or partially clad women as a threat and making comparisons, but your husband probably isn't.

It's your own lack of self-esteem that is causing you to get angry, and you can tackle that with his help.

He needs to continue to give you loving support and reassurance and you need to start believing what he says to you.

Once the stretch marks start to fade, this might be easier but please listen to him, because your anger is hurting you and your relationship. If you find that you still cannot control your anger, then it's important that you visit your doctor as it may be a sign of post-natal depression.

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