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I have fallen in love with a much younger man

After 22 years of marriage I am now thoroughly bored with my husband.

These days we just seem to be going through the motions of a relationship and he rarely shows any interest in me or what I’m doing — let alone any affection.

I suppose our physical relationship has never been brilliant and I’ve often wondered about having an affair, but never done anything.

Then, last month my nephew came to stay with a friend and, although he’s 19 years younger than me, I’ve fallen madly in love with him.

I’ve engineered a couple of situations when I could be alone with him and dropped some fairly heavy hints. However, all that’s happened so far is that we cuddled and then he’s backed away.

Please don’t tell me to forget him, he’s all I’ve ever wanted and my husband is such a great disappointment to me. CB


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It sounds to me like this young man is showing far more sense than you are. You have flung yourself at him and are in danger of making a fool of yourself. How would you feel if all your family found out?

This young man clearly has doubts about any sort of relationship with you and it also seems that what you feel is a strong physical attraction, not love.

Even if you wanted to take this relationship any further, the chances of this young man wanting to are pretty slim.

Furthermore, you may well hurt your nephew and lose your husband.

While this may seem to be more than just a passing physical attraction to you, the chances are that it's something you can get over — if you're prepared to try.

You and your husband need to have a serious chat and both look for ways to bring some sparkle back into your marriage.

You may well need counselling help to get you through this.

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