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I keep ruining my relationships

The moment I start seeing someone seriously I begin to worry that the relationship will end.

I get so depressed about this that the inevitable happens, the guy gets fed up with me being miserable and the relationship ends.

I know it’s my own fault but I wish I could get out of this destructive cycle as I am so lonely.

I’m 19 years old and I’ve never had a relationship last more than a few weeks. LD


It sounds like you are taking all your relationships too seriously, and that when you have a boyfriend, you make him the single most important thing in your life.

A relationship is important, certainly, but so are your friends and family.

So continue seeing and going out with all your other friends, sometimes with him, sometimes on your own.

The main thing is not to lose contact with all your existing friends and to try to relax when you are with him.

Try to live for and enjoy the moment in a relationship — and remember that if it doesn't last, it probably wasn't meant to.

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