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I spilled the beans on abortion secret

Dear Fiona, A few weeks ago a friend told me she’d had an abortion when she was eight weeks pregnant.

I was in shock because she’s Miss Perfect and you’d never EVER suspect she’d do that.

She’d also swore blind that she and her partner weren’t having sex so she’d lied about that. She was seriously upset and I was so worried I confided in another friend but I forgot she’s a bit of a big mouth and she told other people.

Her parents found out, they threw her out and want nothing to do with her now. She’s blaming me but she’s the only person responsible and she needs to face up to that.

Do you agree?

Girlfriend, Ballymena

Dear Girlfriend,

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Every action has a reaction so you’re accountable for the chain reaction that your actions have potentiated.

She’s responsible for the abortion but, as illustrated by the butterfly effect, your actions have contributed substantially to this particular end outcome and circumstances might have been very different had you not interjected.

Why did you honestly reveal her secret? Was it just too scandalous to contain? Did you experience selective amnesia regarding the other girl’s propensity to keep quiet? Did you want to ruin her Miss Perfect image?

She’d undoubtedly have persecuted herself and would’ve had to live with her own guilt but your actions helped bring her pain and shame into the public domain.

You should’ve felt privileged that you’d been trusted and now ashamed that you betrayed that trust, not indignantly denying all responsibility. Her secret has been exposed and so have your true colours, so redeem yourself slightly by accepting some responsibility and apologise sincerely.

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