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I think I'm gay

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I’m 16 and am beginning to think that I may be gay. I’m not interested in boyfriends. Although I am friendly with several boys, I’m just not attracted to them.

I’m the only daughter in my family, with two brothers, and I know my mother would be devastated as I swear she’s been planning my wedding since I was born.

I’ve not had a relationship with a girl yet but have felt attraction to several of my female friends, far more so than any of my male friends.

Do you think I should say something about how I feel, or will I risk losing them as friends? EP


Rather than telling any of your female friends that you are attracted to them, I think you should learn to express yourself as who you are.

Part of growing up is finding out about your sexuality, who you are and learning about yourself. Probably most young women feel attracted to men but many feel an attraction for other women and some feel an attraction to both.

But give yourself a little time, because sometimes these feelings can change over time.

Telling your mother, who seems to have expectations about your future, may be difficult, but is there anyone else you can trust?

As for your friends, start being a little more open and don't pretend to be attracted to boys if you're not.

Coming right out and telling another girl how you feel might be difficult until you've gauged her reaction though, so take your time.

The website has a good section on exploring your sexuality and also advice on coming out, if that's what you decide to do.

Remember, though, you're still a 16-year-old girl and being gay is not your whole life, it's just a part of it.

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