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I want a divorce ... 20 years on

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My husband and I are both in our seventies and we live separate lives after a major disagreement nearly 20 years ago.

We live in the same house but have separate rooms, including our own kitchens and bathrooms, and live entirely independently.

I realise that the last 20 years, filled with bitterness and hatred, have been a sad waste of time and I am no nearer forgiving him than I was then.

I want to end our marriage and move on, so am I correct in thinking that a divorce would be quite simple for someone in my circumstances?

I don't really want to involve a solicitor or ask for legal aid, I just want out. JH


I can't tell you whether or not your circumstances would mean you could easily get a divorce and it would be so much better if you got some legal advice.

A divorce can be quite straightforward providing both partners are in agreement but you haven't indicated whether or not your husband is happy to leave his home.

Unless you're thinking of starting another relationship, would it not be possible for you just to separate, dividing your family assets and going your separate ways?

If not then you really should get professional help. At least see a legal adviser at your local Citizen's Advice bureau.

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