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I want a normal family holiday

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I really want my family and I to go on holiday together, but I expect my husband will leave it to the last moment and then decide he doesn’t want to go.

He doesn’t like spending money on holidays and rejects even the cheapest ones I find.

This year I’m not going to tell him but I am going to book something and if he won’t come with us, the children and I will go without him.

Am I being unfair? We’re not well-off, but we’re not poor either, so why can’t we have a normal family holiday? CP


Have you tried to find out why your husband doesn't like the idea of a family holiday? Is there something from his childhood that makes the whole experience painful for him?

Holidays are important, so I think you and your children should get away, as long as it doesn't cause any financial strain. But why keep it a secret?

Tell your husband now, that this is what you're going to do and then he's got plenty of time to adjust to the idea of coming with you or not.

Let him know that if he would like to come too, he will be welcome, but if he doesn't want to, that's fine as well.

Make sure you and the children have a great time — whether he's there or not.

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