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I want my pregnant daughter to take a rubella test

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My daughter is pregnant for the first time with what will be my first grandchild.

While I am excited for her, I am very concerned about the fact that there seems to be no rubella test being done. I contracted rubella during my first pregnancy and sadly opted for a termination. When I later became pregnant with my daughter the doctor told me that I was immune. I know how serious rubella can be — so why aren’t they testing her? I broached it gently with her but I don’t want to tell her about the termination I had before she was born. GC


I would be very surprised if your daughter has not been tested as NHS guidelines still indicate the need to do so.

It could be that your daughter has simply forgotten, as it is one of many tests that she should have undergone.

Because the issue of rubella had such a profound impact on you, you will be far more aware of it than your daughter could ever be.

The chances are that she received a rubella immunisation herself when she was younger — either as a teenage girl or the MMR vaccine as a baby.

You have kept this secret for so many years but now your daughter is about to become a mother herself, perhaps it is time to share it?

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