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I want to be a famous actress

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You will probably say I’m just dreaming but I long to become a well-known actress with all the fame and fortune attached to that.

Instead I have a boring, low-paid job and can’t even afford drama lessons, so my chances are slim to none.

I have tried to give up my dream but I find I can’t and I end up feeling so unhappy. TB


Lots of people have a dream — there is nothing wrong with that — but if you want to make it come true, you have to do something about it. When your dreams are so far away from your present reality that they seem impossible to reach, you can become unhappy and disenchanted.

I suspect that is what's causing you to feel unhappy now.

What worries me about your dream is not that you want to be an actress — that's fine — it's just that you want fame and fortune as well.

There are thousands of people in the acting profession yet very few of them make a fortune.

If what you really want to do is act, why not take up amateur dramatics?

You will have a chance to act and see if you really enjoy it.

If you do, you could consider swapping one job for another — that of working in a theatre in some way.

There are lots of possible jobs if you can't afford to attend a theatre school; a dresser or wardrobe assistant, for example.

They are many first rungs on a ladder you could climb if you have the persistence and determination.

But fame and fortune only comes to the very, very few!

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