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I want to be treated as an adult, not a kid

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 I’m 17 years old but I wish that everyone would stop treating me like I’m still seven.

Last summer before my exams, everyone from my mum to the milkman was offering me advice on study techniques — and even contraceptive methods.

Why can’t they just leave me alone?

Life’s hard enough without people trying to force their ideas down my throat. I want to tell them to back off and shut up. PY


I'm sure they're just trying to be open and supportive, but it's a shame they don't let you come to your own decisions.

It probably all stems from a desire to protect you and try to stop you from being hurt.

You, quite rightly, want to find things out for yourself, but you are going through difficult times, so sometimes listening to what's said may prove worthwhile.

They will have learned some useful things over the years, so try to let most of what they say wash over you, but learn at least a little from their advice.

You might like to buy a copy of Living With A Teenager by Suzie Hayman and leave it lying around the house for parents, relatives and their friends to read.

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