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I want to divorce unfaithful wife

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My wife has been having an affair with another man and has been taunting me about it for the last eight months.

Our two sons were so sick of her behaviour they moved out and have been urging me to do the same.

The problem is that we own a shop and live above the business.

She regularly stays away all day and night and I’m left to run things as best I can.

It has taken me many years to build up the business, so I’m reluctant to just throw it all away.

But I am really reaching the limit of my patience with her and I want a divorce.

Is it true, though, that you have to be living apart for two years or more before a divorce will be granted? WT


No, it's not true and while you would be very wise to get legal advice to sort out a separation, it isn't technically necessary.

Both adultery and unreasonable behaviour are probably grounds you could use to get a divorce relatively speedily.

Because your home and your business are linked, I feel legal advice would speed up the process for you.

If your wife agrees, then everything can be sorted out quite quickly, but if she contests the grounds you give, it can take longer — and obtaining the right legal advice could be vital.

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