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I want to end my long-term relationship

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I’m gay and have lived with my partner for the past 10 years.

Because we both came from very straight families, it always felt like ‘us’ against the world.

However, things have changed. I’ve changed. I don’t feel the same way about her as I did.

I know I ought to end it but 10 years of being in a partnership is a long time and, frankly, I’m scared of starting out on my own again. SK


Ten years is a long time and a big commitment by you both, so is there no hope of repairing your relationship?

Would counselling help? If so, you could try contacting Relate (

If the relationship really is over, though, then you're not doing her or yourself any good by prolonging it just because you're afraid.

You will only end up poisoning the once-good relationship you had with bitterness and regrets.

If it's time to move on, then make the break as kindly and generously as you can.

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