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I want to leave hubby as he has no sex drive

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’ve been married for five years to a wonderful man and we love one another dearly.

I’m at the stage now where I desperately want a family and my husband says he does too but he doesn’t have any interest at all in sex.

It’s been this way for years now and I’d hoped things would change.

I don’t want to leave him but it might be my only option. Please advise.

Married Woman,


Dear Married Woman,

As is the case with women, lack of libido in men may be due to either psychological or physiological issues.

Alcoholism, drugs, obesity, low testosterone levels or major diseases such as diabetes are some physical reasons.

Psychological issues include depression and stress, which are extremely common, sexual hang-ups, and problems within the relationship itself.

Before even considering leaving him, please ask him to visit his GP who’ll do tests to identify any physical reasons.

If he gets the all-clear physically, then advise him to speak to a psychotherapist or see a RELATE relationship counsellor together.

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