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I want to reduce food budget

Money is tight and while I want to feed the family well, I feel I am spending too much of our income on food.

I want to cut down but I am not sure how to go about reducing the money I spend without it affecting our health.

I didn’t learn much at school about food and nutrition and I don’t think most recipe books help with that, so how do I go about learning? AK


Some people in the UK do tend to spend a huge amount on food — it is expensive, but buying less pre-prepared items and making things from scratch can help.

The BBC has a great section on its website on health and nutrition that tells you all about food groups, balancing your diet and so on. Type “health and nutrition” into a search engine and you should find it easily or go to the BBC Health page and you should find the link.

One way of cutting costs would be to include proteins such as pulses, beans and lentils in your diet and you should be able to cut your spend and still feed your family healthily. The Vegetarian Society — vegsoc.org — has lots of recipes and advice that would help you too.

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