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I won’t let girl go out with friends

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years and although we’re both 26 I know she’s the one I want to marry.

I’ve had girlfriends before but I’ve been hurt as they usually ended up two-timing me. My girlfriend wants to go out with her friends a few times a month but I’m afraid of letting her and I make all sorts of excuses why she can’t.

I can’t be bothered with friends as I’ve experienced how two-faced and unreliable they are so I’m just really protecting her. Why can’t she understand we don’t need anyone else?

Boyfriend, Lurgan

Dear Boyfriend,

Unfortunately it’s going to end in tears if you don’t encourage her to socialise as she wants and needs to do.

You both need friendships outside of your relationship and you must not become overly dependent. If you continue controlling her, she’ll inevitably rebel against you.

You’re misusing this relationship as an excuse to continue cutting yourself off from the rest of the world and it’s unfair to your girlfriend. While your reluctance to socialise with others is understandable considering the rejection that you previously endured, your way of handling this is self-destructive and so you must change

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