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I worry that pals will forget wedding date

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My fiance and I are getting married next August and although we only want a small wedding, we want as many friends as possible to be there in the evening.

However, I’m getting worried that people will forget the date, but it’s too early to send out invitations now.

I wondered about sending people something that says ‘save the date’, but my fiance thinks people will expect to be invited to the ceremony if we do that. Is he right or should I just go ahead and do it? TG


It's perfectly acceptable to send out ‘save the date' notices but if you're worried they might get confused, why not send something that says ‘save the evening'?

People should be pleased to be invited, so don't worry about offending them with an evening-only invitation; just stick to your plans for a small wedding if that's what you want.

If it's your friends you are particularly worried about, can't you simply email them or even telephone them to ask them to put the date in their diaries?

If they're not close enough to you for you to want to do that, then are you sure you want them at the wedding at all?

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