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I worry what people will think about my new man

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I finally got fed up with my husband’s womanising and left him three months ago after 24 years together.

He and the woman I thought was my friend are now living together, but I’ve grown really close to her ex-partner.

We originally got together because we were commiserating with one another over our partners’ affairs, but now it’s grown into something more.

My problem is how to tell our families.

They will probably think we’re together because we’re upset about our former partners. But that isn’t the reason, and we both feel happier now than either of us has in ages. LK


Why are you worrying about what other people think?

They may feel the circumstances are unusual but as long as you're both sure this relationship isn't just based on your shared hurt, does that matter?

It's only been three months, though, so perhaps give yourselves more time before you make any big announcements to your families.

Spend your time being happy together, enjoying yourselves and give your new relationship a chance to flourish.

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