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I’d like to go out on dates again after my divorce

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Three years ago I went through a very nasty divorce and it has taken me until about six months ago to start feeling better about myself.

I lost all my confidence and couldn’t face mixing with people, but I’ve now started going out again.

I’m told I’m attractive and have been on several dates but they only ever last the one night and I’ve never been out on a second date.

I’m sick of all these men who expect sex on the first date and then never arrange a second meeting.

But I’m not getting any younger, so what am I supposed to do? FP


Do you really believe that all the men you will meet expect sex on the first date? I'm really quite sure that they don't.

Stop assuming that's what they want and don't forget, you can say “no”.

Your age has nothing to do with it and I think you've lost some of your self-respect.

In fact, it's possible you're still hurt by your divorce, but if you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to do so?

Stick to your principles, whatever they may be.

If you choose to sleep with a man on a first date, fine; but only do it because you want to, not because you can't be bothered to argue

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