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I’m depressed about my drifting life

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Over the past three years, since I lost my job after an accident, my life has been drifting, and I’m getting more and more depressed.

I’ve been forced to move back with my parents, which, at 29, is difficult, even though they are easy-going.

My mother encouraged me to see my GP, who referred me to a counsellor. I went twice but he didn’t seem to understand me; perhaps I didn’t explain myself very well.

A few of my friends have tried to help, but I can only dump on them so much, and I’m pretty sure they’re fed up with me.

I can’t see a way out. AW


 If you didn't ‘gel' with your first counsellor, you can get a referral to a different one.

It may all come out in a jumble but, if you persist, a good counsellor will help you to decipher your emotions — you've been ill for some time, so don't expect an overnight miracle.

Show your friends you are trying to find a way to recover, and I'm sure they'll stick by you.

Finally, don't forget that the Samaritans charity provides a confidential counselling service for anyone who has a problem and needs a good listener.

You can email or call 08457 90 90 90, 24 hours a day, every day

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