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I'm depressed after losing well-paid job

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Two years ago I was in a well-paid job when I was offered early voluntary retirement (I’m 58) or a transfer to another part of the business.

I worried so much about it that I ended up having a nervous breakdown and attempting suicide.

I lost my job anyway, and although I got some of the redundancy money, I suspect I could have got more.

I am now employed on low pay for long hours as a security guard.

I feel depressed and that I’ve let my wife and family down but I don’t know how to do anything about it.

I find it difficult to let go of the past and I’ve lost what little confidence I had before.

Can you think of anything that would help me? BM


Have you discussed with your family how you feel? I am sure you will find they do not feel “let down”.

The fact that you've found another job in these difficult times is admirable, as is the fact that your previous company thought enough of you to be willing to transfer you.

We all go through life changes and yours have been more traumatic than most, but you should feel proud.

Depression is an illness, so I think you should speak to your GP who may be able to help.

You might benefit from counselling to help you see the positive side of life again, or perhaps a course of anti-depressants.

Don't be negative about taking medication. It can only be a good thing if it helps to change the chemical balance of your body.

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