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I’m desperate for a baby

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I’m 24 years old and I am desperate to have a baby. But my husband says we can’t possibly afford it until he’s earning more and we have a place of our own.

We’re living with his mum and dad, who would love a grandchild, so I don’t think that’s important.

We’ve talked about it many times and while I can agree with him logically, the emotional side of me just wants our baby.

Why does he insist that we wait? FB


Probably because he feels that bringing a baby to live with his parents would make it more difficult than ever to establish a home of his own.

Bringing a child into the world before you are emotionally and financially able to support one is irresponsible and, if he's not ready, it would be a huge mistake.

Focus on saving for a place of your own, where you and your husband can bring up a baby together.

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