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I'm embarrassed by birthmark on my arm

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I have always been embarrassed by a large ‘port wine’ birthmark on my upper arm, so much so that I keep it covered up all summer and never wear a bathing costume.

I never wear short-sleeved or sleeveless clothes but now I’ve won a holiday to the Caribbean and it will be too hot there to cover up.

My mother always told me it would fade in time but it hasn’t — if anything, I think it’s got bigger. GH


The majority of people have some kind of birthmark or blemish and, for most people, it's hardly noticeable at all.

Yours is clearly causing you problems and I don't know if that's because it's particularly big or if you are, perhaps, just particularly sensitive.

I would suggest you contact your doctor to see if it can be treated (there has been some success with laser treatment) and, if not, what other help is available.

You need to consider if you'd find a scar more acceptable than a birthmark because there will almost certainly be some residual marking.

The other option would be camouflage. The Red Cross runs a special service to help with camouflage treatment and you could ask your doctor for a referral. This is NOT make-up; you would be shown how to use special wax-based creams that are fixed and made waterproof with a fine powder.

You would then be able to get the same products on prescription and go off and enjoy your fabulous holiday in short-sleeved dresses without a worry.

If you do choose camouflage, remember to tell the person who treats you about your holiday so you can be given darker creams to cover as you tan.

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