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I'm exhausted all the time

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I’ve been suffering from exhaustion for about five years now. It started a couple of years before I was made redundant and was so bad that I ended up having to take days off most weeks.

I’m sure my record went against me which was partly why I lost my job.

I’m now 53 and having been out of work for three years. For a man who has been used to being the breadwinner of the family, I now have to rely on my wife.

I regularly visited my doctor, trying to find out what was wrong but although he gave me pills, I found out that he thought I was faking it.

I went to see a more sympathetic doctor and was then referred to a psychiatrist who gave me anti-depressants.

I’ve been taking these for 11 months and they don’t seen to have done anything for me. I still feel lousy and exhausted all the time. Is it possible that I’ve got ME? TS


It may be possible, but as you've seen two doctors and a psychiatrist I'd have thought they would have considered it.

You started suffering when you were still at work and perhaps the threat of redundancy, even before the reality of it, caused you to be stressed.

I understand that you now have no reason or motivation to get out of bed each day.

But if you were to find something, perhaps in a volunteering role, this might help you.

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