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I’m feeling jealous of my mum’s new fiance

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My mum and I were really close and more like sisters until she met a new man and decided to get engaged to him.

I’m lucky to see her once a week and, for some reason, I really resent the time she spends with her fiance.

I feel like an outsider who can no longer share things with her. I don’t want to ruin her relationship, but I don’t want to lose our special friendship either. Should I tell her how I feel? NJ


It sounds like your mother has found happiness again and you risk spoiling that for her if you make her think she has to choose between the two of you. Why, though, do you feel your friendship has changed?

In the early days of a relationship, anyone with a new partner spends a lot of time with them, but real friendships shouldn’t suffer unduly.

Real friends recognise this is a natural stage, and when things settle down more, most people want their friends back in their lives as well.

Give your mother time and meanwhile get out and about to find yourself more friends — perhaps of your own age— that you can have fun with.

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