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I’m feeling so jealous about girl

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’m seeing a beautiful woman who is extremely popular and talented but I hate the way other men look at her and I want to punch their heads in.

I hate the way everyone wants to be with her and I’m afraid that she’ll meet someone better. Should I be feeling like this?

Jealous Guy

Dear Jealous Guy,

You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t experience a degree of jealousy but it’s a case of how much is too much.

Extreme jealousy indicates insecurity and low self-esteem because the sufferer feels they’ve not enough going for them to keep their partner interested.

Why would you want to be with someone who nobody else was interested in?

Is it not a compliment that she has chosen to be with you?

Stop obsessing on who fancies her because it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and your jealousy will inevitably push her into the arms of someone else.

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