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I’m hot but cannot get a decent looking guy


VAIN: Reader loves herself

VAIN: Reader loves herself

VAIN: Reader loves herself

Dear Fiona, Why do all the ugly girls seem to always get the hot guys while I’m left with the rejects or no-one when I’m obviously an extremely attractive girl?

What’s that all about?

Confused Girl

Dear Confused Girl,

An attractive personality is essential to maintain a partner’s long-term attention and I’ve gathered from your letter that you are placing too much importance on your appearance.

Inferiority complexes can be exacerbated by feelings of physical inadequacy but they may encourage personal growth as individuals develop other strengths to overcompensate for their perceived physical weaknesses.

It’s a compensatory process which often explains why those not considered to be classically attractive are frequently in more successful relationships.

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Self-obsession mars even the prettiest girls.

So, in future, do try substituting vanity for some humility, compassion and humour and you may have more luck.

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