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I’m in love with my course tutor

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I've been doing some retraining with a view to going back to work.

With three grown-up children and a husband who really doesn't appreciate me anymore, I felt I needed more to my life.

The problem is, I’ve fallen for one of the tutors. I know he's married, but I found out that he's unhappy in his relationship and I'd love to take things a bit further with him.

I asked him to come for a drink with me — he didn't, but he must know how I feel.

I wish I could tell him that I love him. RP


You probably will not want to hear this, but have you really thought through just how improbable this relationship is?

Your tutor has done nothing more than any other good teacher would do for his students — listened to their problems, been supportive and helped them to learn.

You may be misinterpreting his professionalism in the absence of any real warmth and attention from your family.

As for any difficulties he may be having with his wife, you're listening to gossip that may or may not be true.

The fact that he has carefully ignored your suggestion of a drink really shows he does not want to pursue things any further.

So concentrate on your course and if you are so unhappy with your home life, maybe you should start trying to develop a better relationship with your husband, perhaps with counselling help

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