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I’m not ready for pregnancy

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I've only been married for three months and I think I'm pregnant.

I'm petrified as we weren't thinking of starting a family for a few years. My husband has just started a new job and we've moved house for it.

My family live in Australia, I don't know anything about babies and I don't have any female friends close by to ask.

When is the right time to see my doctor? I don't even know that. FW


The ‘right' time is now because you're concerned and worried (and there is nothing wrong with feeling like that). If you're registered, visit a doctor, or seek one out, and although you don't have many female friends at present, it's amazing how babies bring people together.

Once you start mixing with other mothers-to-be at antenatal classes, I'm sure you'll start to make friends.

You'll find there is a lot of support for mums in the UK, if you ask for it.

Ask at your local surgery about classes and other support groups (or type “antenatal support” in your search engine), and you'll be amazed at what's available.

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