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I’m not sure if my body is normal

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I’m 12 and started having periods about nine months ago but I don't know whether my body is normal. They are not regular, like my friends’ periods.

Some months I miss them completely and then I’ll have a run when I get them every couple of weeks.

Sometimes I bleed a lot and other times I hardly notice anything at all.

I tried to talk to my mum about it but she laughed and said I was perfectly normal.

I’m worried that there is something wrong with my body. I’m quite thin but I’m not trying to diet — could that be the reason? AP


It can take as much as three years for periods to settle into a regular pattern, so almost certainly your mother is right. During this time they can also vary considerably in degree of bleeding.

You say you are quite thin but this is not likely to be a problem unless you are undernourished — people with anorexia can stop having periods for this reason.

Seeing a doctor might set your mind at rest. So that you don't miss anything, write down all the things that are bothering you and then make an appointment.

Please don't be embarrassed about asking awkward questions, they will be perfectly natural concerns for your doctor to deal with.

Or you could ask to see a woman doctor or perhaps a female nurse.

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