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I’m scared to travel with my ‘road-rage’ husband

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I’m really worried about how aggressive my husband becomes when he’s driving.

He shouts, swears and often makes rude gestures at other drivers. He drives too fast, coming close up behind other cars, then swerving out at the last minute.

He says it’s fine because he’s a good driver, but he’s had three accidents in the past four years and I’m now scared to go out in the car with him.

I am very rarely allowed to drive because he ‘hates being a passenger’.

We’ve only got the one car and we work together, so I’m forced to go with him, but what can I do? CC


‘Road rage' isn't a myth; it affects far too many people and has been linked to a number of tragic accidents.

As your husband has had three accidents already, could you encourage him to take his advanced driving test? (visit for details). It might reduce his insurance premiums.

While you cannot avoid driving with him for work, you could refuse to be driven by him at other times. Tackle the issue when he's calm — not when he's driving — and see if you can find a compromise.

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