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I’m so afraid of being hurt again after break-up

I was with my boyfriend for two years; we were engaged and I thought he loved me.

Then, six months ago, he walked out. He never gave me a reason why, he simply packed his things and left.

From what I’ve heard since, there wasn’t anyone else and he just had a complete change of heart.

Now I’ve met someone else who says he loves me and wants to be with me but all I’ve done so far is push him away.

I don’t think I can bring myself to trust anyone again, but my mum thinks I should give him a chance. KL


You're going to have a very sad life if you never trust anyone again because one person treated you badly.

Your fiance might have loved you in the beginning, but people change and perhaps he never knew how to tell you.

Yes, he treated you badly, but it was better that he left before you'd gone down the road of marriage and children.

Your mum may be right, but only you can know if you're ready for a new relationship.

Don't push this new man aside because of the old one. Just make sure he knows that you're not ready for anything serious so soon after your break-up.

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