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I’m so angry that my mum was unfaithful

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My mum has been having an affair with a man whom I believed to be her uncle.

My sister found them in bed together when she was 14 and although she told my father, he told her it was nonsense.

She never told anyone else, but left home as soon as she could.

She only told me a few weeks ago and she’s lived with this knowledge for 15 years.

I never liked the man and now I know why.

My mum still lives with my dad and this man is still hanging around. I can’t believe what she’s done. GG


I don’t think you should judge your mother without knowing all the facts.

For all you know, your father may be fully aware of what is going on — you don’t know the inside story on their marriage — and it may suit them both this way.

Nor do you know whether her “uncle” has some influence over her that she is unable to escape and she has been forced into this relationship over many years.

Your father clearly does not want to talk about this or face up to it as a problem, but have you thought to talk to your mother?

Have you tried to understand her point of view?

Both you and your sister are adults and old enough to realise that things are not always what they seem.

Your mother may need your help and support — why not ask her?

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