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I’m starting to resent my ‘perfect’ brother

My brother is good-looking, charming and one of those people who succeed at everything he does.

I know he can’t help this, but it really hurts that all my family seem to favour him, and whenever he’s around, he gets all the attention.

I might as well be invisible, and although this sounds petty, I’m beginning to feel really resentful. CS


You're right not to blame your brother, who can't help being successful, and I'm sure that deep down you wouldn't wish him any harm. It's hard living in someone else's shadow, but you can move into the limelight if you want to — you just have to look at the gifts you've got and make the most of them.

Concentrate on the positive aspects of your life and stop comparing them to your brother — and if others do, ignore them.

Have you tried talking to him?

If you did, I'm sure you'd find he has his own insecurities too.

All too often, people who are great successes have a problem finding someone to talk to — you might find he really needs you and your trust.

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