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I’m tired of being blamed

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Whenever anything goes wrong, I always get the blame.

It happens at work, when I’m out with friends, and even at home with my family.

I’ve become the scapegoat for everyone. It’s been going on so long, I’ve almost got used to it.

Almost, but not quite, because now I’m starting to resent it, and I know it’s not always my fault. WR


I'm sure you're not to blame for everything going wrong, but you've accepted the blame for so long, I suspect people don't bother to take responsibility for themselves.

If you had a bit more self-esteem, you'd start to stand up for yourself, so you need to learn to speak up and say, “It's not my fault!”

A counsellor could teach you skills that would help to build your confidence.

Look at the register of counsellors and psychotherapists at

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