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I’m uncomfortable around lesbian pal

A very old friend of mine has just come out as a lesbian and is now living with another woman after being married for several years.

We’ve often enjoyed a girls’ night out, but now I wonder whether she had an ulterior motive in this.

She’s invited me round, but I’m nervous as I don't want any unpleasant rumours to start circulating about me.

The problem is that she has been a good friend and I would hate to lose that. BE


Why are you so nervous? She's been a good friend to you and you say you don't want to lose that friendship.

She hasn't changed — she's exactly as she's always been, except that now you know something about her you didn't know before.

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You weren't uncomfortable with her before, so presumably she's never made a pass at you. Ignore the gossips and spend time with your friend

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