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I’m worried about pregnancy after eating disorder

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I was anorexic for four years and stopped having periods. I am long over that now and happily married but because of my missing periods, I didn’t know whether I could get pregnant.

I am thrilled to say that I’m now expecting, but when the doctor told me, I was only half listening to what she said.

I feel sure she said something about blood tests to check that everything is alright. Having now had time to think about this, I’ve become quite worried by what these tests mean.

I know I should go back and ask the doctor what’s involved, but I feel stupid and don’t like wasting her time.

I looked online and became even more confused — is there anyone else I can talk to? NM


It's important that you know about the various tests you will be scheduled to attend. It's also important to decide whether to have them all or whether to be selective.

You need to be aware of what's involved for you and for your unborn baby. ARC — Antenatal Results and Choices — would be a good organisation to talk to, as well as going back to your GP.

The charity can provide you with support and information before, during and after you've had your tests, and its advisers can talk to you about any aspect of testing.

For more information visit, tel: 0845 077 2290.

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