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I’m worried after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

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Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’m starting to depend upon my wife and family more and more. Before this, I used to be very independent.

I’m even wondering if this has been the last Christmas and New Year that I will remember. I seem to be falling into some kind of shadow world where nothing is as clear as it used to be.

I worry that I am becoming a burden on my wife and children and think they ought to make arrangements for a home — but they say they are fine. How do I know at what point I should just give in and hand things over to them? JW


You must remember that everyone with Alzheimer's is unique, so you cannot expect things to follow a set pattern.

It's a progressive condition and it can change from day to day.

While you feel strong and capable enough to do so, you must sort out your affairs so that they, at least, are not a problem for your family.

You can also think about what makes things easier for you — you might find written lists work well to help you or else you may prefer pictures of things.

If you're a picture person, make sure that you take lots of photos now of things that seem important to you and help to make things familiar.

You can still do all kinds of things that you used to do so don't give up on life. Continue to have holidays and go to football matches, films and so forth, but do it in a way that suits you and with the support of friends and family.

The Alzheimer's Society (tel: 028 9066 4100) can offer advice and support, so do think about making contact.

It can also offer support to your wife and family, should they need it.

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