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I’m worried that my boyfriend is gay

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I think my boyfriend may be gay and not be prepared to admit to the fact.

He’s 17 and really good-looking, but he never seems to need to shave and he told me he only needs to do so a couple of times a week. He’s great to be with, but I’m worried everyone will think he’s gay and think I’m stupid.

Surely he should be shaving more often than twice a week? BN


How on earth did you get the idea that being good-looking and not being hairy is an indicator of being gay?

Hairiness has nothing to do with sexual inclination — one of my gay friends needs to shave twice a day just to stop himself from looking scruffy!

And let’s put paid to another potential misconception too: hairy men are no more sexually potent than hairless ones.

If you and your boyfriend get on and are happy together, stop worrying about what anyone else might think.

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