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Is death a sore subject for daughter?

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My wife has cancer and it seems she only has a few months to live. But we're both trying to be strong for our eight-year-old daughter, who is being very brave too.

Together we've discussed things such as what life will be like after mummy goes and whether she’ll be there at the end.

My mother-in-law thinks it's wrong that we were expecting our daughter to be there at all, so now I am wondering if we're doing the right thing. PG


There is no real right or wrong — you can only do what feels right to you, staying sensitive to your daughter's feelings at the same time.

If you explain to her what's going to happen, you can let her decide, when the time comes, whether she wants to be there or not.

Whatever you decide, when the day finally comes, make sure someone you trust pays special attention to your daughter and her needs, as you may be too overwhelmed to do so yourself.

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