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Is he having an affair?

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I’ve been happily married for seven years but I’m convinced my husband is having an affair.

When we were having an argument recently, he was getting very heated and shouted out another woman’s name.

I was immediately suspicious, as I don’t think any of our friends go by this name and he has never used it before.

I let him know that I thought he was having an affair but he said I was talking nonsense and that it was the name of an ex-girlfriend.

I don’t know what to do now, but I can’t shake the suspicion that he’s seeing someone else. KM


It's perfectly possible that, if you haven't had an argumentative relationship before, the row triggered the name of a person with whom he rowed a lot.

If you fail to talk about things, though, your problems are going to get worse.

Start by telling him that you feel upset about his slip of the tongue — if all you did was accuse him at the time, he may not realise how much this has affected you.

I can't possibly know if he is seeing someone else, but you will never get to the root of any problems in your relationship if you fail to talk about things.

I suggest you avoid accusing him as this may simply lead to another argument.

Instead, try to explain quite calmly how you feel and how worried you are.

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