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Is hysterectomy reversible?

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Four years ago I was happily married with three children.

I had problems with heavy periods, so my doctor suggested I should have a hysterectomy.

Now I’m divorced and with a lovely man who wants to marry me — but he wants children and I don’t know if I can.

When I spoke to my doctor he said it wasn't possible but is there some way I can have it reversed? CM


I'm so sorry that this wasn't explained to you properly, but a hysterectomy means that your womb has been completely removed.

Now there is nowhere for a baby to grow.

You need to think about your future relationship with your new man and talk to each other openly about how important it is to him to have a child of his own.

There are other options: adoption or fostering, for example.

You could even consider the option of using a surrogate mother but, if you do, seek professional help rather than doing it yourselves

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