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I've fallen for a prostitute

Please help me. I have been happily married for the last 16 years and my wife is a beautiful, kind and loving woman.

I have two great children and appear to have all that a man could wish for.

However, just before Christmas I decided that I wanted to add a bit of spice to my life and foolishly started visiting a prostitute.

The problem is that I have now fallen for this girl and can’t get her out of my head.

I am spending money on her every week and I have told her how I feel, but she just said she’s only doing her job and to stop expecting more.

Please give me some advice before I ruin four people’s lives as well as my own. SW


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I'm happy to try to help you, but you may not like what I say.

Obviously there is no point in telling you that you're being very foolish, because you seem to recognise that already.

You may be at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and you risk infecting your entirely innocent wife.

The prostitute isn't doing this to meet the man of her dreams, she’s doing it because either she's forced to or to make money. Nonetheless, she clearly adds something to your life that is missing in your marriage.

So start thinking about what that something is and see whether you can't recreate it with your wife in some way.

You might find counselling would help you and for that I suggest you contact Relate on 0300 100 1234, or you should find its local number in the phone book.

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