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I’ve fallen for another divorcee

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My husband and I are going through a pretty nasty divorce — fortunately we have no children but there’s a lot of acrimony.

I’ve met a really nice guy, though, through a mutual friend and I’ve fallen for him big time. He’s also going through a divorce so we can really empathise with one another.

I fell in love with him almost immediately but he says that he is uncertain about how he feels about me.

I’ve suggested we move in together a couple of times but he just goes quiet. GD


If his divorce is as difficult as yours, then he may well not be ready to make any kind of commitment just yet.

To be honest, I am surprised you are so keen to immediately jump back into a relationship with another man while the acrimony persists with your husband.

Give him and yourself a bit of breathing space.

Try to relax a little and just enjoy each other’s company.

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