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I've fallen out with docotor, again

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Two years ago I had a row with the doctor who was treating my now deceased mother.

As a result of the row, I was effectively banned from the surgery and my parents changed GP.

I am now looking after my father, who has a heart condition. Although he is a mild-mannered man, we have had difficulties with two further doctors.

Is it possible that the original GP has put something in his notes that is affecting our relationship with the new doctors? MD


It is possible but unlikely, because everyone has the right to see what their GP puts in their notes. The doctor's relationship with your father is bound by patient confidentiality; a GP can't reveal a patient's medical history, even to family members, without the patient's permission.

You don't say what has gone wrong, but you talk about “we” and “our relationship”, so could it be that you have been trying to find out more than you have a right to know?

Unless you have a lasting power of attorney that makes you responsible for your father's wellbeing, you have no right to know anything. You can get more information on this by speaking to a solicitor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

As you say you are caring for your father, you might benefit from contacting one of the care support charities such as Carers UK (tel: 0808 808 7777).

One of its support groups could provide help and understanding and perhaps the name of another GP, if this becomes necessary.

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