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Job fears make my husband anxious

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Since my husband was made redundant three years ago he’s been very stressed and anxious.

He got another job right away but the experience devastated him and he’s always panicking about losing this job as well. He works all hours trying to make a good impression, and he’s even talking about getting a second job, just in case the main one goes wrong.

He’s already exhausted but I don’t know how to help him. I can’t work because we have three children under five. I am so desperate but what can we do? SB


If your husband tried to hold down two jobs, one or the other would almost certainly suffer and he would potentially bring about the situation he is afraid of.

You say you can’t work, but have you really looked into this as a possibility? Is there nothing you could do from home, for example, or could you work when your husband isn’t?

He really needs to get his confidence back though, and rather than taking on a second job he could perhaps think about further qualifications.

No job is for life anymore. If at some point he needs to look for a new job again, with better qualifications he will be increasing his chances.

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