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Joe O'Shea offers George Clooney some relationship advice

By Joe O'Shea

You might think that George Clooney needs advice about women in the same way that Bill Gates is desperate for tips on how to ride out the recession.

Even at 50, there is not a man alive on this planet who can rival George when it comes to beguiling the fairer sex.

Which makes his chequered relationship history and his latest choice in girlfriend material all the more intriguing. And a little worrying.

The actor / director / dreamboat was pictured this week, walking out with former pro-wrestler Stacy Keibler.

Already a statuesque 5ft11in in her bare feet, the Amazonian American actress and model towered over George in her heels.

Newspapers and internet gossip sites gleefully carried pictures of Ms Keibler standing a good head taller than Clooney as they exited a film première arm-in-arm.

And there was plenty of commentary on her 42-inch legs and how the paparazzi photos, shot from an angle that tended to highlight the differences in their respective heights, looked a little off.

Which was a little unfair on both George and his latest amour.

Hollywood has a very long history of diminutive leading men who have been very touchy about their height -- Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone, for example.

By walking out with a girl who towers over him, George is showing the world that he is comfortable enough in his own ego to ignore the old-fashioned idea that men should always be taller than their partners.

But by dating a former professional wrestler -- Stacy was part of the WWE show for six years -- what is Clooney telling us about his attitude to relationships?

Since his 1995 divorce from wife of four years Talia Balsam, Clooney has dated several models, a cocktail-waitress-turned reality-TV-star and most recently, the Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis.

George likes to be seen as one of the smarter people in Hollywood -- he has directed, written and starred in serious, issue-heavy movies such as Good Night and Good Luck and the upcoming political drama The Ides Of March. And the heart-throb actor has also campaigned on such real-life issues as the genocide in Darfur.

But he is also seen as a commitment-phobe, a guy who tends to date reality TV stars, glamour-girls, cocktail waitresses and now, a former WWE 'Ring Diva' who found fame by grappling on pay-per-view cable.

It might be unfair to suggest that the wrestler-turned-actress is not suitable girlfriend material for Hollywood's smartest and classiest A-lister.

The problem could be that George just prefers to date glamour girls who are easy on the eye and not likely to make too many demands.

If so, somebody close to Clooney may need to take him aside and tell him that, at 50, he can only outrun a serious, committed relationship for so long before it starts to get sad.

He is still Gorgeous George. But as aging lotharios like Jack Nicholson have shown us, there comes a point where you need to stop chasing cocktail waitresses and find yourself a real woman.

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