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Marriage is a complete catastrophe

Dear Fiona, I’ve been married for 10 years and I don’t know if I can stick it for much longer.

My husband's moody, rude, he never helps around the house even though he’s at home all day, and he NEVER keeps promises or arrangements.

He can’t work because he ‘doesn’t like any of the jobs out there’ and so I work every hour God sends to pay the bills.

I'm also really sexually frustrated as he says ‘I should be past the sex stage’ even though I’m still quite young.

What should I do to make him change?

Frightened Wife

Dear Frightened Wife,

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He may have a passive-aggressive personality as they express anger in hidden, subtle ways such as procrastinating by way of protest, resisting their responsibilities and constantly complaining or withholding emotional or physical intimacy.

Sullen and argumentative but not aggressively confrontational, they express their aggression by non-verbal means.

He'll only change if he wants to but you can change how you behave towards him and compensate for his failures.

Please consider speaking to a counsellor to help you to move forward with this.

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