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Married man wants to meet for sex

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There’s a guy who comes into my office who I’ve got to know quite well over the past few months.

He said he wants to have sex with me and I’m tempted as he is very attractive. I know he is 44 (20 years older than me) and that he’s married but far from happy with his wife.

I have agreed to meet him for a meal and take it from there but I'm not sure whether I should sleep with him. CP


Married men rarely leave their wives for their mistresses. If his wife were to find out, you would run the risk of causing them great distress (his wife may have no idea he is “far from happy” with her). If he has children, their lives could be disrupted and they might have on-going problems as a result.

And how would you feel yourself?

If you're all right with casual sex, then enjoy it with someone who doesn't come with a wife and family.

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